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The chairman of this occasion, distinguished ladies and gentlemen. The alumni, proud parents and family members and most importantly, members of the graduating Rectorsets of 2015, I thank you all for your perseverance of all the achievements that have brought you to this wonderful celebration, and of all that you will accomplish in the years ahead.
It is a great honour for me to salute you today, almost eleven years which I started broadcasting. I welcome you into the broadcast media family and its legacy of leadership and services. I welcome everyone to this grand occasion of Grajos Institute of Broadcasting 4th convocation ceremony.

We appreciate Almighty God who made this occasion realistic, bearing in mind that without him, we can do nothing. The school was incorporated in 2011 and started operation in 2012 at Ikeja with just 10 students. Today we thank Almighty God for rapid increase in all ramifications. The startup was confronted with challenge of being the first private institute of broadcasting which many people felt it might not be worthwhile, but things changed after a session when the few products of the institute were making exploits in the broadcast media world.

Also the school made tremendous progress since her inception which methamophosized into a certified and approved diploma certificate by the Ministry of Education and the ministry of Information. Many of our students have gained admission for advanced learning here in Nigerian universities and abroad with the diploma certificate we award.

Some of our living testimonies are Adesokan Olanrewaju who studies at Oxford University U.K, Alima Abdul-Razaq who recently gained admission to Sheffield University, U.K, Philip who now studies in a university in Republic of Benin, Olusoga Amos who now studies at university of Nigeria Nnuka, just to mention a few, all with our Diploma certificate in Grajos Institute of Broadcasting and our recommendations.
We have our students who are fully engaged in media broadcasting in different radio and television stations all over the country. Some of them are Ronke Oduwole who has her program on BCOS Ibadan, Wale Nelson- On Air Personality on SPLASH FM, Ibadan, Kayode Oduoye- living Spring FM Oshogbo, Abiona Olorunsogo- Bond FM Lagos, Adeniyi Johnson-Bond FM Lagos, Timothy Ajibade who will commence his program this month, Asoko Sofia Adeola- On Air Personality in Alausa Radio. Temidire Samuel on Orisun TV, Lawal Temitope on Sunshine TV, Adekunle David on Sunshine TV, Ogundoro Clement on Sunshine, Oluwagbeje Elizbeth on Orisun TV and lots more.

Yet we are like Oliver twist, who can never be satisfied with her present position, hence, the institute has gotten land for her permanent site which we are believing God and well meaning Nigerians like you for financial assistance to make Grajos Institute of Broadcasting permanent site a reality soonest.

To all the grandaunts, you don’t need me to tell you that you are about to enter a world of great challenges and more than little uncertainty, as the country faces her devastating economic crisis, so broadcasting profession continues to face its share of the economic stress. Especially for many who will begin your career with heavy burden of airtime loan debt, wrestling with your professional financial challenges may seem like more than enough to take on. But I am here today to urge you to look beyond those challenges, no matter how big they may seem today. Who knows, if you are the set of giants the broadcasting media family awaits to weather the storm, because as graduates of Grajos Institute of Broadcasting you are destined to be leaders of this profession. The greater challenge for each of you lies in what you will make of the rights and privileges that comes with the diploma certificate you receive today.

The point of the training you have gotten is not only to confer on you a source of economic advantage over your fellow citizens, you are joining a profession which ethic is based on public responsibility, taking on other people’s problem as your own and moving heaven and earth to solve them, being the voice to the voiceless, entertaining, educating and informing the country through creative original content, reach and impacts.

The evolution of our profession in the recent time, has not been an entirely happy one as too many of broadcasters have drifted away from the core values that defines what it means to be a journalist or a broadcaster. It has become too much of personal material/ financial advantage and not enough about the public interest or responsibility. As a profession, we need to reclaim these core values, and it is up to you to do that, to make the choices that will make a difference. I hope that for many of you, embracing the ethics of public responsibility and operating within the circumference of broadcasting rules, it will lead you to full-fledged dividend of your commitment.

This address will not be complete if I fail to offer you this advice, focus on the promises the future hold for you: A day like this should not pass without a reminder that life is not always going to be smooth sailing. Adversity will come your way, and the more you put yourself on the line, the more adversity you may face. If you have acted integrity throughout your life, you will know how to act with integrity when times get tough. So for this reason, remember that what you do every day as a broadcaster matters. For you to be distinguished, think beyond literary and make a difference. Before I draw the curtain, I would like to say a very big thanks to my colleagues in this institute who have been working tremendously to sail the boat of the institute to a safe destination, my wife Mrs. Ajet-Ajetunmobi, Mr. Tunde Aleshinloye (Alesh), Mrs. Folake Bisiriyu (Mrs. B) I am very grateful.

Congratulations, and. I thank you deeply for allowing me to share this moment with you all, I wish you the best of luck.
Yours Faithfully,

Olusoji Ajet-Ajetunmobi